Interview with the Host Family

     This is the next part of my last post «What to ask to the host families?» As I already said, we sometimes forget how important it is to have a good interview with the HF to know if it could be a good match. Sometimes, au pairs feel that the host family may feel uncomfortable answering all these questions and they prefer to skip certain parts. However, this is a big mistake. As that host family wants to find the best Au Pair for their kids, Au Pairs want to find the best family to make part of their adventure a wonderful experience. 

     Here is the next part of the questions I suggest you should ask (of course, adding other questions you might have.)

3. About my Duties

– How would be my schedule? (It is very important to know if it is going to be the same schedule every week, or if you’ll have different schedules. In this way, you can analyze if it fits with your plans, or if you feel comfortable working at night or during the weekend)

– Would I have to work on weekends? (Just to clarify)

– Would I have to work at night?

– What are my duties regarding the house activities? e.g. do the laundry, cleaning the kids’ rooms. .

– What meels do I have to cook for the kids?

-Do I have to buy the groceries every week?

4. About the Educational Component

– Is there any College or University I’m the city where I can complete my credits? 

– What would be the time to attend to school? e.g. morning, evening, night

– Would you help me to find a place or enroll in case I need it?

– Are you aware of the money that host families have to provide the Au pairs to complete the credits? Are you okay with this?

5. About the Car

– Is driving part of my duties? (Just to clarify)

– Can I use the car out of duties? 

– To attend to my classes, would I use the car?

-Is there any restriction about the car? e.g. staying out late, driving to another city. .  .

– What are the rules for the gas? (sometimes HF give the Au Pair certain amount of money for gas during the month or week. Others don’t mind paying the gas even if the Au Pair is not on duty)

– What kid of car would I have to drive? Standard, automatic, a big car. . ?

6. Final Questions (But not less important)

– Would I have to buy my groceries or you would buy it for me? (I’m not saying in terms of money. Of course is mandatory for the HF to pay for the Au Pair’s food. Sometimes Au pairs have to buy the groceries for the week and they can include what they need. Others HF prefer to give to give the AP certain amount of money for food. However, others HF ask the AP to make a list of the food she wants and include it in their groceries.)

– Would I have a cellphone with data? (I found it very useful to use the GPS. However, it depends on the family if they want to give you a phone with data or not.)

– Is there any specific time to take my vacations? (Some HF plan their vacations and expect the AP to take vacations at the same time that them. Others prefer to take the AP with them for vacations. Some HF don’t have problem and actually wait for the AP to decide when she wants to take it. This is useful to know if you plan to take vacations with some friends or family, or if you want to visit a specific place during certain time.) 


      Those are the main questions I asked during the rematch process. It was very helpful for me to choose my  current HF and make sure this time I could expect a better experience. 

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